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“I don’t have the ISBN or anything but I need a book for macroeconomics and I need to see if it’s rented out already. I think it’s blue or something…”



Because I could use funny right now.


“Uh, you better rethink that one boy.”

I had been going to stay out of this (as I do all of Caleb’s…controversial?….mildly outside the mainstream?….just plain flaky?…posts; you might get the sense that I often don’t agree with Caleb, and you might be right – thank goodness we live in a country where I don’t have to listen to opinions which directly contradict my experiences *g*) , but Herschel kind of nailed it in response to Uncle.

Edit: no point in fisking item by item, let’s just leave it at I disagree. And completely agree with Herschel that I’m not bothering to try and pass down a beat up SA XD (not a Glock or S&W guy), but my hard-chromed or trad blued Model 28’s with the nice Ahrens grips and spiffy Galco holsters? Legacy.

YMMV, and good on you if you like something different.

What Book Did You Want?

“I need a rent-a-book but I don’t know the course.”

“So, it’s a textbook for your class and your instructor told you we’d have it here in the library?”


“Any idea what the course name is?”

“ECN something.”

OK – that’s probably enough…so I have 2 ECN books on reserve, is it macro or micro economics?”

“It’s blue.”

*mental facepalm*

“I can probably work with that.”

Insert Laughter Here.

Greenpeace crew members detained in Russian jails for two months over their open-sea protest against Arctic oil drilling are “close to shock” over their conditions, a rights activist said Tuesday.

The 30 detained are being held in pre-trial detention centres in the cities of Murmansk and Apatity, which are nearly 2,000 kilometres (1,250 miles) north of Moscow and above the Arctic Circle.

All but four of the activists are non-Russians from countries including Britain, the United States, Finland and Argentina.

Russia has jailed the activists from Greenpeace’s Arctic Sunrise protest ship without charge pending an investigation into alleged piracy, after several scaled a state-owned oil rig on September 18.

The activists have complained of cold cells and a lack of suitable clothing and food, said Irina Paikacheva, the head of a state-connected regional prisoners’ rights watchdog.

“Many of them are in a state close to shock,” she told AFP after visiting the prisoners. “They had never expected that they would face such consequences for their peaceful protest in a democratic state.”

The foreign detainees are struggling to make themselves understood since virtually none of the prison staff speaks English, she said. One of the activists has consulted a psychologist.

Several of the foreign nationals have been placed in cells with Russians even though this breaches Russian law, Paikacheva added.

A Polish activist is sharing a cell with four Russians, while one of the British activists has two Russian cellmates, both accused of robbery.

Several non-smoking activists also complain of being placed in cells with chain-smokers.

Greenpeace spokesman Aaron Gray-Block said in e-mailed comments that several of the detained activists “need prescription medication”.

“A number of others are taking over the counter medications such as paracetamol for problems such as mild arthritis and back pain,” he said.

A young Finnish female activist is a vegan and unable to eat prison food, Paikacheva said, adding that prison officials had denied her request for vitamins to be delivered to her.

Under Russian law, prisoners have to hand in their watches and wear shoes without laces. The Finnish activist lacks a thyroid gland and needs to take medicine regularly — hard to do without a watch.

“They had never expected that they would face such consequences for their peaceful protest in a democratic state.

Let that sink in.

“…detained in Russian jails…”

“…in a democratic state.


Product Activation Keys…

are intended to activate your software so you can use it indefinitely and receive tech support (for those folks who use that *g*).

They are *not* intended for one to hit “Not Now” and skip entering the key for, I don’t know, 5 YEARS OR SO.

Giant Software Company will eventually enforce their arbitrary deadline and shut down your ability to use the software you bought and paid for, just because they can. Which is evidently very frustrating for non-technically inclined students 7 weeks into the semester.