Product Activation Keys…

are intended to activate your software so you can use it indefinitely and receive tech support (for those folks who use that *g*).

They are *not* intended for one to hit “Not Now” and skip entering the key for, I don’t know, 5 YEARS OR SO.

Giant Software Company will eventually enforce their arbitrary deadline and shut down your ability to use the software you bought and paid for, just because they can. Which is evidently very frustrating for non-technically inclined students 7 weeks into the semester.

One response to “Product Activation Keys…

  • alyssabethancourt

    I can’t find my product key for a copy of Office I legitimately bought and paid for, and while I acknowledge my failing in losing it, I am MORE frustrated that there is apparently no way for Microsoft to retrieve it for me. I mean, I more suspect that this is a lie than that they actually can’t, but either way, how dare they. They have my money; I should have their product.

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