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It’s True

Well, not a walk every time but there do seem to be an awful lot of cookies given out at our house.


Stray Cat 2

So he has no microchip so no way to find his owner. He does, unfortunately, have FIV. Our vet looked him over pretty thoroughly and determined that he has been in a number of fights during his adult life based on scar tissue and some obvious old injuries, which is almost certainly how he became infected. Not surprising for an unneutered adult male – I’ve never known one of them that DIDN’T fight with everything that crossed its path.

This is unfortunate, however, because it means we can’t keep him. We have 2 cats already who are not infected, and our household isn’t a great environment to try and introduce an adult male cat with a history of fighting and just hope he doesn’t bite one of them (or tear one of the dogs’ corneas, though we have no idea how he is with dogs). We really just cant take that chance. We also can’t let him just remain an outdoor cat – FIV positive cats really need to be indoors for their own health and we can’t risk him biting our wild child or one of the other neighborhood cats.

So I’m scrambling to try and find a place for him and it’s not going smoothly.  I’m best described as crankier than usual.

That’s Dr. ProtoScholar, Thank Yew Very Much

Had meant to post this yesterday but the day kind of fell apart after we got home and today has been less than optimal.

My lovely wife,without whom I am both helpless and useless, successfully defended her dissertation yesterday to earn her doctorate.

Proud is an understatement.

How Misanthropic are You?

Because I hate people today. Oh, wait – that’s everyday.

TBH, this score seems a little mellow for me.

How Misanthropic Are You?

You Are 94% Misanthropic

You are misanthropic to the point of being scary. In your view, people are a disease.
You may want to lighten up a little – before you become a super villain!

Stray Cats

No, no – not the Brian Setzer pseudo-period band from the ’80’s. Actual cats (carnivora felidae felinae felis catus).

We have a 4 years old that wandered into our garage as a 4 week old kitten, whom we kept. She clearly one of an ongoing series of litters of feral cats a few years back – there are still a couple of her relatives floating around the subdivision – th long, lean body shape, small head and reeeaaallllllyyy long tail are distinguishing characteristics. Once about 3 years ago I saw 7 of them, all the same body profile, lounging in a front yard while walking the dogs  at night.

Well, not there’s a big ol’ fluffy off-white male hanging around our yard.  He’s clearly a housecat, not feral, since he comes right up to people, is demanding of attention and will walk up and take food and water from you with no skittishness. He was there for a couple of days then we didn’t see him and assumed he’d found his way home but her turend up again this afternoon.

He’s got some sort of small wound on his front left leg so we’ll take him to the vet tomorrow and get him fixed up and scanned for (hopefully) a microchip with his owner’s information so we can get him home. If not, then it’s time to get him tested for any nasty bugs, then see if he plays well with the rest of the pack and we’ll go from there.

I have a soft spot for damaged creatures (whether physically or psychologically – I have the neurotic, weird cat from a psychohouse who has mellowed a lot, but she’s still whacky and the first cat we brought home 10 years ago I picked because she tried to murdelize the SCPA attendant who wanted to put her back in her cage; I like that kind of behavior). It helps that they know I prefer them to people. Ask anyone, my friends will gladly tell you that I already like this cat better than I like you and I haven’t even met most of you and would still prefer the cat after we did meet.

Oh, and every dog is better than almost any person – that’s just a given.


I missed it by a bit, but still.


to go with the Quentin Defense mil-spec lower I got for my birthday last year. Cuz I just don’t have an AR with enough rails on it to be really tacticool yet *g*.

Better Days

I’ve had them.

Dropped my Jamba Juice coming in the door to work.

Somehow while working on the files for the new website clicked on an update site rather than update link command and moved some of the new files onto the production box. They work, but visually it’s jarring.

Haven’t eaten nearly enough and I’m ravenous.

Got to hear someone’s life story. Again. A couple of times.

And some girl in a Jayne Cobb hat, miniskirt and knee-high boots carrying a stuffed bunny just walked past me. Ah, youth…


Thank goodness there’s a hockey game tonight (not that I expect them to necessarily win, but there’s a good chance).