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People Suck

And I hate them.

So I’m driving to work, and about 50 yards ahead of me (on a busy 6-lane road) a guy is riding his bicycle across the road. In traffic, not at a crosswalk. Bad enough, but then I see there are 2 dogs, a pit bull terrier and a chihuahua, following him. In traffic.

At which point I would very much like to pull over and beat him about the head and shoulders. Except I’m not allowed to do things like that because I’m not allowed to do things that would result in me going to jail according to my wife.

Then he gets across the road and the dogs stop *chasing* him, which is evidently what was happening, and at a leisurely pace head BACK across the busy 6-lane road, through traffic, to go home. They are both wearing collars and there are residential areas on all the side streets so they clearly belong to someone.

Someone who lets them wander around outside unattended and thinks little enough of them to let them wander back and forth across a busy 6-lane road. I am tempted to follow them and have a discussion with their owners, but see above. I settle for making sure they get back down the side street they came from and head off to work.

Did I mention that people suck and I hate them? Oh, and I like your dog(s) and cat(s) better than I like you.


It’s (Kinda) Funny Because It’s (Kinda) True

Nation Down To Last Hundred Grown-Ups

‘Mature Adults Could Be Gone Within 50 Years,’ Experts Say

According to recent data, the grown-up population has plummeted dramatically since 1950, when a Census count found that more than 24 million Americans could both admit when they were wrong and respect a viewpoint other than their own. Today, only one in three million citizens can provide thoughtful advice to a fellow human being instead of immediately shifting the topic to their own personal issues or what they had for lunch.

P.S. I hate people, and the fact that this article (and most everything The Onion does) is so bloody accurate (yes, I understand satire – quit judging me!) is a large part of that.


Knowing some of it is important, sometimes.


A Useful Skill For Anyone

How to Read a Legal Opinion: A Guide for New Law Students, by Orrin Kerr at GWU Law.

It’s concise, straightforward and does exactly what the title claims. This is something most people don’t realize they should know how to do but the fact is that you can’t understand modern U.S. jurisprudence without being able to read the opinions the courts issue.

3 Geek Icons

No waiting. I bet these are the moments Comic-con’ers live for…


Still not as cool as Wil Wheaton collating papers.


Beyoncé’s FrankenChicken Cousin

Jenny’s giant metal chicken Beyoncé’s weird FrankenCousin has a cameo in Angry Birds Rio 8-15.

Just Keep Your Mouth Closed

…when the chatty, verbose, looking-for-a-friendly-ear-to-bend, notorious problem patron comes in and starts making small talk. The briefest of comments will be seized upon as an excuse to pontificate on anything and everything for waaaaaaayyyyyyyyyyyyyyy too long.

I know better, dang it.