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In Case You Didn’t Know that Paypal is Anti-gun

Kevin sets up a raffle for a Para 1911 to benefit Project Valor IT.

Soldier’s Angels agrees to handle the processing.

And PayPal promptly shuts ALL of their fundraising efforts until they pull the gun raffle.

Absolutely ridiculous. They are free to run their business any way they want, but to shut down all of an organizations fundraising for more than 12 hours until the offending raffle is taken down is too heavy handed for my taste.

There are already plenty of reasons not to use PayPal, but this finalizes it for me.

AZ Restaurant Carry Bill – Not Perfect, But Not a Loss

Sebastian has a nice overview of the restaurant-carry bill that passed here recently. While I’ll take it as an improvement over the current situation, a large number of us are convinced it could have made it through the Legislature. Now we just need to work towards getting it changed once it is clear that blood will not run in the streets *g*.

Finally a Little Range Time

It’s been too long since I’ve been to the range, but we managed to head over yesterday for a bit of shooty goodness. A friend of ours needed a little stress relief and so my wife immediately told her “Let’s go shoot things!” (I love my wife).

Headed over with 400 rounds and 2 9mm’s. Met another friend who had just picked up 2 used S&W .38’s at J&G so we got to play with those as well – quite nice. Everyone had some good fun.

My wife is a better shot than me, both 2-handed and with primary and off-hand. This makes me happy *g*.

Afters, we headed to Mary Coyles for ice cream. It was delicious. Then out to dinner with a group of friends and some valued couch time. Not productive, but very pleasant.

AZ Blogger Get-Together

August 1st, 4p.m., The Yardhouse in Glendale.

More details over at Vox’s place. Should be good fun, I’ve never met any of these folks. Let us see if I can behave like a civilized individual in public (assuming I can make it, life being what it has been lately).

UFC 100 Tonight

I won’t be able to not watch it on PPV.


Brock Lesnar Vs. Frank Mir

Georges St-Pierre Vs. Thiago Alves

Jon Fitch Vs. Paulo Thiago

Dan Henderson Vs. Michael Bisping

Yoshihiro Akiyama Vs. Alan Belcher

Mark Coleman Vs. Stephan Bonnar 

Mac Danzig Vs. Jim Miller

Jon Jones Vs. Jake O’Brien

Dong Hyun Kim Vs. TJ Grant

CB Dollaway Vs. Tom Lawlor

Matt Grice Vs. Shannon Gugerty

Kevin Posts the Prettiest Pictures

From The Smallest Minority’s ‘Moment of Zen’ series.

 Mt. Kanchenjunga, highest peak in India

Am I….

a gun nut?


Could be.   From New Jovian Thunderbolt:


  • If you got more handguns than you got hands, you are a gun nut
  • If you have 2 rifles that do the same thing (2 semi-auto .22s, 2 lever action .30-30s, 2 M1 Garands), and you didn’t accidentally inherit one of them through no fault of your own, you are a gun nut.
  • If you have 4 or more rifles that do different things, you are a gun nut.
  • If you have a rifle that takes an ammo type you can’t find after checking 3 random gun stores in a normal ammo market (not today’s market, but what we had this time last year), you are a gun nut. (I mean, how much Arisaka ammo is there our there? It can be found, yes, but it’s not always out there.)
  • If you know what a tround is, you are a gun nut.
  • If you conceal carry, but have one gun you carry during the week, and another gun you carry for special occasions like wedding, graduations, and church services, you are a gun nut. (there are plenty of CCW people out there that aren’t gun nuts, and carry because they have been threatened specifically.)
  • If you became a member of the NRA or other pro-civil-rights org. because some anti-gun politician of famous person annoyed you, you are a gun nut.
  • If you read gun blogs more than twice a week for 6 weeks, you are on your way to being a gun nut.
  • If you have gone to more than one gun show, paying your own way, since the creation of the term ‘gun show loophole,’ but disagree with the statement ‘no man should have a gun smaller than a canned ham,’ you are a gun nut.
  • If you become aware of an associate of good character that took a concealed loaded gun to a public place like a Mall or parade and your thought wasn’t ‘oh my! oh no! someone could have been hurt accidentally!’ but rather, ‘good move. you never can tell,’ you are a gun nut.
  • If any part of the speech fragment ‘small town, bitter people clinging to their guns and religion and their antipathy to people not like them,’ annoys you, but especially gun part, you are a gun nut.


Looks like JayG has some additions:


  • If you’ve ever bought a firearm because you have the same gun but it’s too sentimental/fragile/dangerous to shoot, you might be a gun nut.
  • If you carry a gun for self-defense and base wardrobe decisions around your carry piece, you might be a gun nut.
  • If you’ve bought magazines for a particular firearm knowing that they were less-than-adequate, but wanted more for range time, you might be a gun nut.
  • If you’ve ever bought a gun you didn’t particularly care for simply because there was a chance it could be banned, you’re almost certainly a gun nut.
  • If you see a cop/security guard’s sidearm and your first thought is “Glock, Sig, or S&W?”, you might be a gun nut.
  • If you bought a firearm accessory solely for the purpose of making said firearm “more evil”, you are definitely a gun nut.
  • If you’ve bought a magazine/holster/other random accessory for a gun you haven’t fired in 10 years, you might be a gun nut.
  • If you get e-mail newsletters from more than one firearms warehouse or gun store, you’re a gun nut.
  • If the employees of the local gun store know you by sight, you’re a gun nut.
  • If the employees of said local gun store call you up if you haven’t been by in a week and they’re concerned for your health, you’re definitely a gun nut…

Historical Costuming at its Finest

Well, that’s my opinion anyway :-D.

This is a blatant plug for an acquaintance of mine who runs a historical costuming pattern/clothing business called Reconstructing History.

They have some of the most accurate, best researched items I have ever seen (I have personally used 3 patterns from them so far, along with some lovely fabric and notions, for the living history stuff I dabble in as an excuse to shoot my friend Bill’s black powder guns and hang out with his family). They are one of the very few commercial operations I would buy anything like this from.

Kass has exhibited excellent customer service, even going so far as to check with an overseas provider onthe availability of a certain fabric in response to an offhand “just wondering if this was still available since somebody else asked me” inquiry from me. I hear her husband’s a nice guy on top of it all *g*. Everything I have purchased from them has shipped quickly and been exactly what I was hoping for.

So, if you or anyone you know has a need for the type of goods they sell I can’t recommend them highly enough.

Again, it’s Reconstructing History (