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OK Then

Al  Jourgensen  does the Grateful Dead. Who knew.

Let’s Maybe Try This Again

And figure out if I actually have time. I work (oh, how I work) at a data-ish type job, I’m working on a grad certificate in higher ed analytics, I have all these data science books to read, I don’t go shooting enough and I for sure don’t exercise enough. Let’s throw blogging back into the mix.

And what to write about. Not data science – AnnaMaria’s blog does it so much better than I ever will. Not guns, except maybe when I shoot them and stuff. Let’s face it, I Are Not SeRioz GunBlogr.

Eh – I’ll figure it out, or not.

Hey! I Have A Blog!

or so it would seem…

Guffaw in AZ reminded me that I haven’t posted in months. It’s nice to know that someone noticed *g*, I just assumed that I would fade away quietly and no one would ever be the wiser. Got a new job this spring that keeps me busier, and happier, than I’ve been in a very long time. The downside of course is that I spend a great deal of time at work, or working on work things while not at work, or in Louisville for work (or Salt Lake, or Chicago, or DC). It’s good but there isn’t time to read everything in my reader, let alone come up with content good enough to justify typing out and assuming anyone wants to read 😉

Still and all, I should try – so try I will.

I Don’t Know – Maybe Don’t


At least ask if I want to know how it ended-don’t just toss it out there.


I Can Still Be Surprised

By people acting politely, I guess. 

So I’m sitting outside at Starbucks,  enjoying my coffee.  And I smell some sort of flavored tobacco product.
Now, I get that outside is a designated smoking area – I’m not trying to look around abs see where is coming from so I can hassle the person. I just want to know so I can decide if it’s close enough to me that I should move because I am finding the smell very unpleasant.

Turns out it is the well-dressed young man at the table next to me. He clearly noticed what I was doing and took it on himself to get up and go back to his truck.  Mind you, I didn’t say anything to him or even grumble bad-temperedly under my breath (about this *g*). He just noticed and moved on his own.

Evidently thoughtfulness hasn’t completely deserted the human race.  Who knew?

Suck It Hawks


I’m sorry – what were the stats going in? 34-4, 72 points versus 19-18 with 44 points?

Schlemko gets his first in 69 games to win, the biggest goal of the season. Suck it.

The next 4 are winnable, but I hate to jinx anything. I guess we’ll see.

Hello And Welcome To Our Friends At The Department Of Justice!

I blame Tam *g* since her first link to me has launched quite a bit of traffic.