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Tell Me Again How More Guns=More Crime?

FBI UCR 2011 – violent crime down 3.8%

NSSF – 10,800,000 firearms sold in 2011

So it seems “More guns, means more violence, that fact does not seem to mean anything to those obsessed with gun ownership.”  doesn’t really seem to hold up.

While We’re On Entertaining Videos

let me present you with “Enter the Dojo”. The first episode:

Felicia Day On “My Drunk Kitchen”

is funny

Do We, Now…?

Why Psychiatrists Must Confront Gun-related Violence

By Ronald W. Pies, MD

“Similarly, even if we could not demonstrate that laws banning production and private ownership of rapid-fire, semi-automatic weapons actually reduced mass shootings, a civilized society would still have sound ethical reasons for retaining these laws. That is, these laws legitimately reflect society’s value judgment that no good will come from the possession of such destructive weapons by private citizens–and that much harm may ensue.”  (bolding mine)

I think not. I’m certainly no great legal scholar but I have a basic theory of what I feel constitutes the basis of normative jurisprudence is, and it doesn’t include passing a law to make a statement about ethical or moral judgments; it’s about defining what is considered criminal behavior and setting out punishments. End. Of. Story.

No legal positivism allowed, thankyouverymuch. I won’t get into fisking the whole article as I’m sure someone more talented and knowledgeable has probably beaten me to it (and if not, one of you get on that please *g*).

Have You Ever Wanted To Reach Through Your Monitor And Slap Someone?

A quote from a board I read:

“I have had 3 coworkers ask me today “What is the Tomb of the Unknown Soldier?” When the topic came up in regards to the fact that they are still standing watch regardless of the weather.

One of those just said (while looking at the picture of them in the rain) “The storm is coming and the guy is dead so they need to get over it and leave.”

The Old Guard doesn’t leave. Picture from Arlington, taken today:

Self-Reliance Expo This Weekend In Mesa

For any locals who might not have been aware.

This Should Be A Word In Every Language

Backpfeifengesicht (German): A face badly in need of a fist

I see SOOOOO many of these Every. Single. Day.

This Would Be Just My Luck

except, of course, that I would find it hilarious.

It’s True











So do psychotic machete-wielding bears. H/T to Weerd

Good Doggie!

My rottweiler would do this if she just had thumbs…