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Business cards With Contact Info Embedded in a QR Code

You can have these made with all of your contact info in a QRC, which you can generate using a free and easy online tool. I got 500 of them for about $17. Give them to people whith smart phones and they can scan your card and (depending on the phone’s OS and/or what app they use) add you directly to their contacts, which should sync with their email contacts and generally make you accessible to them (which I normally avoid and is why you don’t get to see my specific QR code – I don’t want you lot calling me or dropping by unannounced. I hate people who try to interact with me).

Yes, it’s geeky. I like it.


Range Report

As in, I finally got back to the range after a too long hiatus. Was supposed to meet some friend there but meet-up times got bobbled and someone canceled, so I went by myself.

I put a few boxes through the XD 9mm sub-compact; I really, really like that gun. I’m still pushing too much (while trying to grip 20% harder, of course *g*) and have to work at not slapping the trigger but that’s just lack of practice. Not too many flyers so that was good.

Here’s the last target – 50 rounds at about 8-10 yards (they just painted the range so the disatnce markers hadn’t been redone yet, had to guestimate).

So I have some work to do but it could have been much worse.

U.S. Army trainees Only Fire 300 Rounds During Basic?


That’s a 1 hour trip to the range for me.

300 rounds is 10 standard capacity AR magazines.

An Excellent Summary of How Foolish Laws (which is Most of Them) Propogate

He only addresses a couple of foolish laws but it generalizes out to most of them IMO. Toss in every law based on “but someone might…but never has…but they might” based law and we could get rid of 99% of them, and be happier for it.

Google Knows Many Things But Not Everything

Many people don’t fathom just how much information is available on the internet but NOT indexed by Google or other search engines who primarily crawl just what is easily available. The dark/deep web/darknets are largely ignored by anyone not in the know, which is unfortunate.

PC Pro has an interesting article on this which is worth taking a look at. It spins a bit of an ominous view of FreeNet and TOR, both of which have pros and cons to their use, and doesn’t go into enough detail regarding the deep web and what sort of institutional holdings make up the bulk of what you can find but it is a good read nonetheless.

MakeUseOf (a must-read for anyone with the slightest technological bent) has a decent but hardly exhaustive list of search engines that crawl the deep web. For anyone interested in further exploring deep web resources I recommend taking a look at Laguardia Community College’s Beyond Google page as a good starting point.

Why Training With Aliveness Matters, and Cardo is King

Becuause if you can’t take a punch and you gas early, you can’t  do this.

Despite the lack of technical fighting, props to both guys for stepping up and fighting in what was essentially an Internet Challenge Match®.  And the only way you find out if what you’re training works is to pressure-test it from time to time.

Poor Josh Sugermann…

He claims that the AR-15 sales market is collapsing.

Meanwhile, the FBI shows 14, 033,824 NICS checks for calendar year 2009, with 1,119,229 for January 2010.

One of these things seems more credible than the other.