J&G Sales

So, I’m about a 2 hour drive from this fairly well-known gun store and yet in almost 8 years out here I haven’t gotten up there yet.

And they have these LEO trade-in S&W Model 15’s.

and this non-corrosive, Berdan primed, POF headstamped .308 pretty cheap.

And a Taurus 94 9-shot .22LR, which I’d like to throw in the BOB along with a Henry AR-7 and a brick of ammo. (Unless someone knows of a S&W Model 18 that isn’t $700-$800)

Plus it’s getting time to be looking for a single-shot .22LR for the GodDaughter.

And I don’t work Thursday or Friday this week, and the weather’s lovely, and the driver to Prescott is quite nice, especially if I go up the long way through Wickenburg. Hmm…


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