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Wanna See What The Complete And Utter Failure Of A Twitter Campaign Looks Like?

CSGV fails at social media, and relevance, and any impact whatsoever yet again. Ladd Everitt doesn’t seem to be very good at his job. Of course, we already knew Josh Horwitz is bad at his too so I suppose it is no great surprise.

Ineffective people being ineffective:



H/T to John Richardson



It’s Nice To See A Success Story Sometimes

A happy end to what could have been another sad story. H/T to Pissed.

I Sometimes Need This Sort Of Reminder

when I manage to forget that my life is pretty good.

I Know The Guy Who Made This

Well, at least in that “I have talked with him on the internet” kind of way. Same way I know one of the coaches on Full Metal Jousting (though I know the guy who made the armor IRL) and at least one person from Doomsday Preppers.

It seems Dennis is providing a cool item to the Abbey character on NCIS.

One Of These People Was In My Wedding Party

I’ll give you a hint – she doesn’t have a TV show *g*.

So Guess What I Missed Yesterday?

A little impromptu shoot/get-together at the Casa Grande range. Normally this would be fine, I make some of these and miss some, but one of the guys brought the following:

M240 with new suppressor
M249 with suppressor
HK G41K factory HK MG which takes AR mags.
Roni 45 MG
All the Star pistols I have for sale on the classifieds.
My new Tri Star Cobra shotgun
The Phone Booth Fighter (which is now for sale)
A couple Daewoos
German MP40 w/suppressor
M3 Greasegun
The Interarms Virginian Dragoon I have for sale in the classifieds .44 mag
G21 with Thompson machine suppressor
The Feather 22 with suppressor for sale in the classifieds.

and some other stuff I can’t remember.

Dang it.

You Don’t Hear That Every Day

Asked of me by the guy working the checkout lane I’m in at the local food emporium  negotiating the vending of some tasty comestibles.

“By any chance, are you an anthropologist?”

Hmm. I know I’m an academic and all, but this was a little out of left field. Turns out he was trying to remember all the different species of australopithecines for some reason. Good for him, that makes him sharper than most of the folks I run into there. Though for a second I had encountered some distant relative of Dr. Stephen Falken. Sure beats students talking about key parties or necrophilia.