So Guess What I Missed Yesterday?

A little impromptu shoot/get-together at the Casa Grande range. Normally this would be fine, I make some of these and miss some, but one of the guys brought the following:

M240 with new suppressor
M249 with suppressor
HK G41K factory HK MG which takes AR mags.
Roni 45 MG
All the Star pistols I have for sale on the classifieds.
My new Tri Star Cobra shotgun
The Phone Booth Fighter (which is now for sale)
A couple Daewoos
German MP40 w/suppressor
M3 Greasegun
The Interarms Virginian Dragoon I have for sale in the classifieds .44 mag
G21 with Thompson machine suppressor
The Feather 22 with suppressor for sale in the classifieds.

and some other stuff I can’t remember.

Dang it.


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