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-60kg Mens and -48kg Womens Judo

was also good. This level of competition can be hard to watch if you don’t know what is happening. It looks a lot like two people pushing and pulling each other around the mat with no rhyme or reason – not so. The gold medal mens match was spiffy, if short. I really thought the Japanese competitor, who ippon’ed his opponent in the semi in under 40-ish seconds, was going to win it but the Russian went from a beautiful attempt at an uchimata through a transition by his opponent into some type of drag throw (it’s been a really long time since I did any judo) for an ippon win. World class.


Just Finished Watching The Women’s Individual Foil Finals

Yes, I’m that kind of geeky. Good bouts; I like it when medal matches go to the last few seconds or extra time. Tall Italians dominated, as always (the bronze medalist was actually trying for her 4th gold medal in this event). Men’s sabre is tomorrow.

On to judo next.

Bill O’Reilly Is A F&*^%$@ Idiot

But anyone who didn’t already know that isn’t paying attention.

H/T to Weer’d.


Tam posts car porn.  I totaled a 1972 V-6 base model version of this one in 1988 :-(.

I grew up around american heavy metal like this, and I have a soft spot for them despite the fact that they are very much NOT sports cars. Don’t care – do want.

Posted Without Further Commentary

except to say: Go here. Read. Hilarity ensues.

So This Happened Yesterday

Monsoon season is here. Dust storm+migraine=drug-induced sleepy time for me.

Best Movie Fight Ever

Except, of course, for the “Judo-chop! ” *g*. But all in all pretty realistic as these things go.