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It’s Important To Have A System

And Glenn’s is better than most.

 But I prefer to miss stuff randomly rather than subject it to some sort of systematic filtering.

They Predict A Low-Scoring Series

Phoenix up 2 in the semis, 15 goals in 2 games. Not holding my breath but it’s nice to watch some really good hockey.

Those Pesky, Misleading Statistics. Again.

So, which is it?

ATF: 70 percent of guns found in Mexico come from US

Nearly 70 percent of all guns found in Mexico came from the U.S. over the past four years, according to data released by the federal government on Thursday.


More than 68,000 of the 99,691 firearms that were recovered between 2007 and 2011, and submitted to the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives (ATF) for trace testing, were either made in the U.S. or legally brought into the U.S. at one point, according to the agency.

Those 2 statements do not convey the same information. How many firearms were recovered total during this period? How many were never submitted to the ATF for trace testing? (Here’s a hint – that ATF report doesn’t bother to provide that information)

And doesn’t this directly contradict the 90% canard?

Speaking Of That Adjunct Faculty Problem

here’s a solution that will never, ever get implemented.

…the adjunct problem in academia could be dealt with by setting up a pool of funds that tenured professors could contribute to that would then be redistributed back to adjuncts (solution 3 here). Since so many in academia claim to be in favor of redistributions and bothered by income equality, this should work splendidly. But of course it will never happen, and one is hard-pressed to get tenured academics even to think about the adjunct problem, much less do anything about it.

Thank goodness I’m not bitter.


USS Lafayette capsized in New York harbor, February 1942

Why We Win, Again

Because this type of thing plays itself out over and over.

Notice that 3 out of the four anti-carry advocates are Joyce Foundation-funded professional talking heads who between them (let’s toss in Ladd Everitt for good luck  even though he works for Josh Horwitz) generate the majority of the anti-gun noise on the internet these days, whereas pro-gun comments come from random folks all over the place.

What Exactly Is The Difference

between the newly announced and rather heavily blogger-hyped 5.11 Tactical Duty kilt and a Utilikilt? Besides price, of course.

Where Is A Good Asteroid Impact Event When You Need One?

It is time for Beltane and May Day festivities in Phoenix, Arizona for 2012.

Sure, the one at Falcon field is kinda close to home but we can always move and it’d be so worth it…

Community Borrowers

*sigh* I want to help them. I do. But some of the things they want help with…*sigh*

Hey USC? Hell No!

“Adjunct Faculty, Framing the Social Context of High School Needs”

Institution: University of Southern California

To be considered for an adjunct position, the candidate cannot be a current USC student, the candidate cannot be a staff member employed with USC, the candidate cannot hold a full time, part time, or adjunct teaching position at another university while teaching at USC, and all candidates must have a doctorate degree.

At my college we have 5 adjuncts for every full-time residential faculty member (I should know, I will be one again in 11 business days). The SECOND any of the colleges in our district tried this the majority of us would boycott and they’d be so screwed it would actually cease to be funny very shortly.

The current faculty employment model is hugely broken, as almost anyone will tell you. Somehow the ones who won’t tell you this tend to be employed in full-time residential faculty positions, usually after completing whatever their institutions version of tenure happens to be – go figure.

But the very idea that an adjunct can’t be employed at another college is ridiculous; that’s how people in the adjunct pool survive. You cobble together as many hours as you can get, from wherever you can get them, and hope you can hang onto them from semester to semester. USC’s explanation just doesn’t suffice.