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Riddling…Riddle Of…

same thing, right? Unless of course we’re looking for a video which you tel me is titled “Riddling the Dome” and when I spell out ‘riddling’ you say yes and I can’t find it anywhere, not even s Google search.

Then it turns out when you show me your syllabus it’s “Riddle of the Dome” which shockingly enough *DOES* show up in the catalog. Because…well…*sigh*…


And People Wonder Why Scholarly Publishing Is Such An Incredibly Niche Subset

of everything published in this world. I mean, c’mon – who *wouldn’t want to read: “… a study of college students from Finland who had trouble “fully differentiating the core ontology of physical, biological, and mental phenomena.”1 ” Riveting stuff, I tell you what.

And yes, this is the sort of thing I have to read to stay abreast of the literature in my chosen field. Thank goodness I get paid to read it while on the job *g* (sometimes, anyway).


1 Lindeman, M., Sveldhom, A., Takada, M., Lönnqvist, J., & Verkasalo, M. (2011). Core knowledge confusions among university students. Science and Education, 20(5-6), 439-451. doi: 10.1007/s11191-009-9210-x;  in Bivens-Tatum, Wayne. “Education Is Not Salvation.” Library Journal. Library Journal, 3 Dec. 2013. Web. 6 Dec. 2013. <;.

Please, In The Name Of All That Is Holy

Don’t chew some vile-flavored gum with your mouth wide open while sitting 2 feet away from me and talking to me. Please…


“I don’t have the ISBN or anything but I need a book for macroeconomics and I need to see if it’s rented out already. I think it’s blue or something…”


What Book Did You Want?

“I need a rent-a-book but I don’t know the course.”

“So, it’s a textbook for your class and your instructor told you we’d have it here in the library?”


“Any idea what the course name is?”

“ECN something.”

OK – that’s probably enough…so I have 2 ECN books on reserve, is it macro or micro economics?”

“It’s blue.”

*mental facepalm*

“I can probably work with that.”

Product Activation Keys…

are intended to activate your software so you can use it indefinitely and receive tech support (for those folks who use that *g*).

They are *not* intended for one to hit “Not Now” and skip entering the key for, I don’t know, 5 YEARS OR SO.

Giant Software Company will eventually enforce their arbitrary deadline and shut down your ability to use the software you bought and paid for, just because they can. Which is evidently very frustrating for non-technically inclined students 7 weeks into the semester.

Long Time No Post

Not that I expect anyone really missed out on my rambling musings anyway…

The end of the semester is always an exciting and annoying time for people who work in higher ed. Classes finish up, students scramble to get in last minute assignments and study for finals, the library is hugely busy and then – it stops. You come in the next day and the only things happening are an end of year employee celebration, and commencement, which you are required to attend (and can be pretty spiffy).  The entire academic year has gone by in a couple of hours…