Hey USC? Hell No!

“Adjunct Faculty, Framing the Social Context of High School Needs”

Institution: University of Southern California

To be considered for an adjunct position, the candidate cannot be a current USC student, the candidate cannot be a staff member employed with USC, the candidate cannot hold a full time, part time, or adjunct teaching position at another university while teaching at USC, and all candidates must have a doctorate degree.

At my college we have 5 adjuncts for every full-time residential faculty member (I should know, I will be one again in 11 business days). The SECOND any of the colleges in our district tried this the majority of us would boycott and they’d be so screwed it would actually cease to be funny very shortly.

The current faculty employment model is hugely broken, as almost anyone will tell you. Somehow the ones who won’t tell you this tend to be employed in full-time residential faculty positions, usually after completing whatever their institutions version of tenure happens to be – go figure.

But the very idea that an adjunct can’t be employed at another college is ridiculous; that’s how people in the adjunct pool survive. You cobble together as many hours as you can get, from wherever you can get them, and hope you can hang onto them from semester to semester. USC’s explanation just doesn’t suffice.


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