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Welcome to the Washington Secretary of State’s Office











I feel special.

Bellator Fighting Championships

I thought this had died a basic cable death, but it seems they have a deal with MTV2 and the fights are entertaining and the fighters seem skilled for their experience level. They all seem to be the kind of kid who did some other combat sport when they were young and then threw themselves into well-rounded MMA programs; the technical level they exhibit is really quite nice. Every fight I watched had decent stand up, some good ground work, very technical fighting and what were obviously hungry fighters (there was a lot of playing to the clock, but that’s the game).

Plus they got Greg Jackson to do an interview on an expanded cable channel. Nice.

Suck It, Detroit

The Coyotes come back from a 4-1 deficit to beat the Red Wings in a shootout. Ya know – when they play well, they play REALLY well. The division race is really tightening up, though, so they need to get consistent.

Oh – and Gretsky can suck it, too. Look how well they play without him in charge *g*.