Monthly Archives: August 2012

So, On Pawn Stars

in every shot of the crowd before or after a scene cutaway, the shots of women are always:

  • young, cute women
  • a down-cleavage shot
  • or a butt shot

Every. Single. Time. If that isn’t appropriate material for The History Channel I don’t know what is…


How Often Do You Get A Voicemail

saying in part “…I was wondering if I could swing by and borrow some of your swords?”

Let’s Be Honest

Saving a document to your  network folder, opening your Gmail account, clicking “Attach File” then browsing to said network folder and attaching said document is not “So many steps! This is complicated!”

I fear for our youth…

A Couple Of Things

When you repave the closest parking lot to my building, re-mark the Employee Only spots BEFORE CLASSES START!

The next time it takes 17 minutes for me to get an iced tea from the Starbucks drive-through I just might injure someone. Screwed up my whole library-to-library commute.

It’s still hot here. That can stop now, since evidently I have to park 3/4 of the way across campus from the library and walk through a maze of fencing that takes me the most inconvenient way possible (there’s still lots of construction going on even though it was all supposed to be finished before last week.

Yes, I’m cranky.


500 Posts

in 3 years with a little under 10,000 page views. Wow, I am a blogging lightweight.

When You Notice That You’re Having Difficulty Getting A Ring Off

take the damned thing off and get it resized. Do not – repeat DO NOT – wait another year or two and then do it the hard way. Freakin’ ouch. At least I didn’t have to go to a jeweler and have it cut off.


Joel finds hidden treasure in a pile of his old belongings.

I used to own that exact knife, back a lifetime ago (at least it seems like it – bought it when I was a Boy Scout in the early ’80’s). I also had the ’80’s version of this Case folder (made in lovely Little Valley NY, which I guarantee only I have ever heard of, let alone been to). There’s a lot of one of each up on Ebay, I may have to watch that and see if I can pick them up for a reasonable price.