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One of These Things V.2…

Is still not like the other.

Just because I find them funny. 

H/T to Laurel for this gem.

We’re Number One!

Evidently a largely irrelevant group of anti-gun lawyers working out of San Francisco has decided to rate Arizona as having the worst gun laws in the country. We win!

Obligatory Knife Post

Since everyone else has done one, I suppose.

I own a wide variety of knives but currently what I carry with me every day is one of these:

CRKT Desert Cruiser.

I picked several of them up for a quite good price, so I have one in each car, one in each bag (I carry a laptop bag when I’m working at the library and a Maxpedition FatBoy Jumbo other places) and one I toss in my pocket. It’s a decent knife – no spring assist but there are both ambidextrous thumb studs on the side of the blade and a raised ridge on the back that make it very easy to open. The handle is comfortable and fits my hand nicely. I like the partially serrated blade and it holds an edge even with heavy use.

I used to carry (and still own) Kershaw Scallion and Leek spring-assisted folders. I love them, but the CRKT is more rugged and I feel less bad about using it as a pry bar, hammer, etc. *g*.

I keep a variety of multitools around, primarily Leatherman and Gerber types – I really need to pick one up for each car. I have one in each bag and one sitting next to the CRKT folder I carry in my pocket.

I also have in every car and bag a Moleskin 3.5″x5.5″ notebook with a pen banded to it, and a Fenix L2D flashlight.

It’s not overkill, I swear 😉

Mass Shooting in Buffalo NY

Story here.

Short version: altercation breaks out at a downtown bar/restaurant, management tells everyone to clear out, somebody starts shooting into the crowd outside. 4 dead, 4 wounded.

I lived and worked in Buffalo for a number of years and have spent enough time in that part of downtown to know that 2:30AM on a Saturday night is NOT when I want to be there. Most of Buffalo isn’t actually someplace I want to be at 2:30 AM on a Saturday – that place has gone seriously donhill from when I used to visit with my stepfather as a kid. The neighborhoods he grew up in, and where we would visit his family (Broadway/Fillmore and Kaisertown), are seriously ghetto now and were quite bad when I last lived in the city 15 years ago. About 3-4 years ago we went home to visit family and friends and drove through South Buffalo where I used to live (Abbott Road north of Caz Park) and it was a slum compared to when I lived there. A far cry from the family going downtown to see the Christmas display in the AM&A’s window and then heading to Haas Bakery.

Not that Niagara Falls was any better, of course. I miss that place even less than Buffalo.


officially has the worst referees in the MMA world. Not to mention the fighting is pretty second-rate. It’s nice that they are providing a venue for female fighters, I really wish Zuffa and Dana White would get on board with that, but I actually quit paying attention to the event last night because the fights just weren’t engaging. Now, I’m a huge MMA fan but unless I know somebody in the cage (and the local kid on last night’s card is a RiTC fighter – you can’t pay me to watch anyone from that club) unless it’s a high-level match I’m not all that interested. It’s like watching mediocre fencing or point-fighting; I’ll pass.


is no respecter of training or agility, sometimes. Especially when your bum knee decides to not support you as you kneel down in front of the puppy’s crate.