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In Russia, Judo Does You!

In case you were unaware that Russian President Vladimir Putin is a judo black belt.


But I LOOVVE my KalashniKitty Shirts!

Evidently Eric of The KalashniKitty T-shirt (thanks, Kevin, for the pics) fame ran into a lying, cheating, stealing printer who took his money and didn’t deliver product this year. No fault of Eric’s, so let’s be supportive and let him know we like them and would continue buying them if he finds another vendor.

H/T to Kevin – I hadn’t seen this elsewhere yet.

In Which We LEarn That People Still Don’t Grasp How the Internet Functions As a Communicative Medium

This is hilarious. Author doesn’t grasp how Amazon reviews work (or anything about ‘professional’ book reviewers), makes every possible internet debate mistake, and then still fails at even minimal troll benchmarks (God help me, but I know at least one of those original LJDrama/Bantown f*&ktards – they thought they were internet-forward). An entertaining way to spend a half-hour. Or not.

An excellent object lesson in how anyone who doesn’t grasp current technology trends will be screwed by them eventually it is, though. Oh, and Amazon reviews aren’t technically social media though they are Web 2.0, even though Web 2.0 is no longer a meaningful description. Welcome to the Information Age. Adapt or die.

Testing a Powerpoint Video Embed

Nothing useful to see here…

Low Content

Posting has been light, as I’ve spent the fall semester making adjustments to life (that pesky life thing, I tell you what) and gotten out of the habit. I’ll work on this over the break since all I have to do for the next month is get back to the gym, start boxing again, hit the range a bunch, complete 938,234,543 projects around the house, map the learning objectives elements from a Psych 101 syllabus to various supplemental open-access-&-proprietary-but-free-to-students learning materials, and get ready for my new grad cert program classes.

Oh, and enjoy Christmas and a week off with my wife (ya!).

Range report for the new Sig and Remington hopefully coming this week.

While I’m at it – anybody know of a paddle holster for the XD that DOESN’T dig into your leg every time you sit down?