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Special Forces/SEAL Canines

I didn’t realize they had them. I was familiar with the military war dog program and I believe I’ve posted about the War Dog Memorials, the United States War Dogs Association, Inc., and Military  Working  Dog  Adoptions.

But evidently there are canines working with spec-op forces, doing things that require a level of trust between a dog and its handler/owner that I can appreciate.

H/T to Lissa.

Men’s Formal Wear

I won’t give vent to the incredibly long, venom-filled diatribe that is welling up inside of me because otherwise well-informed, well-meaning folks refuse to actually learn was does and/or does not constitute proper attire for a man based on the time of day, occasion, and stated dress code.

Formal. Semi-formal. Day or evening. It’s pretty straight forward.

When Textbook Editors Don’t Do Their Job

Foucault, Derrida, and Lyotard – Oh My!

I ran across a reference to Stephen Hicks’ excellent book on postmodernism *pthu* which evidently now has an expanded version being published. I highly recommend it.

Unless you’re a postmodern theorist, in which case I recommend you sit down and wait to starve to death. After all – starvation is really just a social construct predicated on circumstance and observation, right?

Well, Yeah

It’s Not a Glee Club, Dangit!

Nice bass. Leave it to Yale to have not one, but two all-male a cappella groups.

Stupid Is as Stupid Does

And this Admin idiot over at Smoke and Thunder (the www’s newest, bestest, most somethingest social media site – just ask them) is as stupid as I’ve seen in a long time. It’s like a perfect storm of Paul Cristoforo, Robert Farago and the idiot from GunsAmerica.

Hilarity is almost certain to ensue. Grabbing popcorn while this tool learns how the internet actually works. Good times…