If they’d just waited for SB1474 to pass, we could have scored a -2.

Brady Campaign state scorecards are released.


2 responses to “Dangit

  • Divemedic

    I’m looking for a new state to live. As a guide, I am looking for a state with no income tax, fairly low property taxes, and a Brady score of less than 17.

    • Jon

      AZ has an income tax but it’s fairly low, you elect a withholding rate from .8% to 5.1%. We go somewhere in the middle and get a refund every year.

      Property taxes – our county levy is about 1.47% and no city levy (this varies throughout AZ). The city does put special property taxes up for vote but they A: need to be approved by referendum and B: are temporary.

      Brady Score – see above. ‘Nuf said *g*.

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