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Long Time Gone, So Here’s A Picture Of A Dog

that we’re fostering.



That is Tango.

We received this old fellow 3rd-hand – owners were elderly and didn’t want to care for him any more so he was headed on his way to the pound where his chances of survival were pretty much zero.We picked him up and took him to the vet. He has some medical issues. We are working with Rescue a Golden of AZ ( – he’s up on Page 2 of the available dogs) to get those managed. Hopefully they won’t run too much, though we already know it is more than we can afford right now.

Once we get him all fixed up we’re going to foster him until he finds a home (or we give in and adopt him – it could happen).

Not Dead Yet

Just had…stuff going on. I’ve had better summers.

On a positive note – puppy!


2013-07-06 03.00.32

Resting up from our first visit to the family vet.

I Like It

It implies a story, and I like dogs better than people. What’s not to like?

H/T to Miss K.

Dogs and Cats

living togethet…


I May Be A Reformed Catholic

but this was still too funny.


Best GIF Ever

That is all.


This Is Why Dogs Are Awesome

Because a real dog in the same situation would behave exactly like this. I’ve seen it more than once.



Just A Reminder

that I like my dogs better than you. All of you (with extremely limited exceptions).

Or as Og puts it, “There are a million people I would rather see cack than the lowest dog.” Yeah, pretty much.

Good Doggie!

My rottweiler would do this if she just had thumbs…

A Quick Reminder

that your dog doesn’t have the capacity to imagine life without you.