Monthly Archives: June 2012

My Wife Must Love Me

She cross-stitched this for me *g*.


For Everyone

who ever tod me “They Might Be Giants” are nothing like “Moxy Fruvous” or “The Bare Naked Ladies” – wrong.


Johnny Cash Singing “Danny Boy”

For all that it’s a 20thc. set of lyrics for” Londonderry Air”, it’ s pretty enough and it’s Johnny Cash. ‘Nuf said.

I Swear That All Of These Do Not Apply To Me

This is entertaining.

If You’re Good Enough At Something, You Should Get Paid For It

Offered up without comment…

“10 States Debating Guns on Campus” – With Good Reason

Assaults on campuses continue to steadily rise. But we wouldn’t want people to be able to protect themselves, now would we.

For My Wife