OK, I Don’t Get It.

This whole “brony” thing. WTF? Who watches a show about colorful anthropomorphic horses?

Did you know that there are My Little Pony role-playing games? Seriously. RPG’s are bad enough on their own (yes, I hate,  I hate – get over it). Eh, I suppose there’s no accounting for taste. I probably shouldn’t talk as I once had a sizable collection of “Magic: The Gathering” cards (in my defense, that was a very long time ago) but I’m not going to let that stop me.

Now, I freely admit that my taste in television is pedestrian at best and often runs to the “seriously mindless entertainment”.  I also don’t like movies that don’t resolve all the plot points by then end; if I wanted ambiguity, suspense and and thought-provoking cliffhangers I’d reread “A Pair of Blue Eyes” or “The Handmaid’s Tale”.

Most animated television is just really, really annoying (“South Park” does not count, as that show is brilliant).  But anthropomorphic rainbow-colored ponies with cutesy names? *sigh*  You might as well watch “Dora the Explorer”. God, I hate that map.



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