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The poodles know what it is *g*.

Bluegrass is not country and western. Those are *2 different types of music* until you hit the late ’60’s-early ’70’s.

It is a purely American offshoot of country music.

The soundtrack to “O Brother Where Out Thou” is  not bluegrass, despite the Stanley Brother-ish version used as the title track. Ralph did pad out the end of his life performing it but he didn’t have to IMO.

The Carter Family Is. Not. Bluegrass. I hate you people who say they are and will pick a fight. Read a book, ferChristssake.

Flatt and Scruggs. Bill Monroe. Ralph and Carter Stanley. Red Allen. Jim Eanes (who tried to do western badly *g*), Carl Story. Not Allison Krause, or String Cheese Incident, or any version of the Nitty Gritty Dirt Band. Fine musicians but…no.


Where Was You

last Saturday night..

So, Metallica On The Colbert Report

sounded exactly like a group of 50 year-olds who had a good run and haven’t put out any decent music in probably 15-some years. About what I expected.

So Evidently

Dropkick Murphys have joined Flogging Molly in the trash-heap of “vaguely Celtic Rock’ Band’ I no longer need to pay any attentions to (honestly they had reached that position the day Mike Coughlin stopped fronting for them, but they staggered along doing similarly styled music for a bit so I gave them the benefit). Say hi to the Wicked Tinkers for me.

Phil Collins?

He’s the guy who starting singing for Genesis after they stopped mattering, right? Kinda like Bono…

Dr. Wu

There was a time back  in the late ’80’s *cough cough* when I was a Steely Dan fan. Now I appreciate what they did given the state of music when they were productive, the history of modern American rock music and the whole art rock movement but there are really only a couple of songs that still move me (NB: during that time period I had a lot of unpleasant-but-eventually-once-the-lessons-sank-in character building going on and single-malt scotch, an ex-wife and Steely Dan factored into that process).

Still, some of it is a good listen. I still like my King Crimson, The Police and Rush too in small doses. None of them are Slayer though *g*.

Teens Do The Coolest things Sometimes

A fine cover of the Grateful Dead’s “Jack Straw”. And thankfully not part of that Dead Covers Projects which has  produced some real shite.