Monthly Archives: March 2013

So Evidently

Dropkick Murphys have joined Flogging Molly in the trash-heap of “vaguely Celtic Rock’ Band’ I no longer need to pay any attentions to (honestly they had reached that position the day Mike Coughlin stopped fronting for them, but they staggered along doing similarly styled music for a bit so I gave them the benefit). Say hi to the Wicked Tinkers for me.

Phil Collins?

He’s the guy who starting singing for Genesis after they stopped mattering, right? Kinda like Bono…

Random Childhood Memory

I once had tea with Edna Manilow, Barry’s mom.

She was friends with friends of my mother, for whom I was cutting and stacking wood to earn pocket money.


Perhaps its the change in diet talking……….nope – jus want one.

The Food Lab: 61-Day Dry-Aged, Sous-Vide, Torched-and-Seared Bone-in Ribeyes (AKA The Ultimate Steak)


I’m Torn

On the one hand, kittens using heroin is generally considered a victimless crime. And who am I to tell them what to do with themselves? (Unless they’re clawing my furniture. I won’t have that…) On the other hand, heroin is SOOOO bad for them.

It’s a dilemma…


Thank you Jenny for yet another hilarity-inducing post.


I just had to explain to someone the definition of ‘republic’; primarily that it does *not* mean ‘a democracy that elects representatives to serve as proxies in the government’.

This individual was berating people for not having paid attention in 6th grade civics class.


If I Had Children

this is how they would behave.