It Seems I am Deranged…

I make an effort to read a number of Arizona-based political  blogs of all ideological stripes as I like to be informed about the local politcal scene. On one of the more liberal ones (no link – I don’t drive traffic to sites whose message I simply disagree with – but if you enail me I’ll send it to you) I found these little gems, regarding Senate Bill 1168:

“Sen. Russell Pearce (R-Mesa) is not waiting for the U.S. Supreme Court. He is busy trying to remove the last vestiges of any state or local regulation of firearms in Arizona.”

Wrong – this is a state pre-emption bill. It DOES remove any local regulation, reserving this for the state government only. I like this idea; anything else leads to a patchwork of laws that can have you legal on eminute and violating the law the next as you drive/walk/motorbike/whatever.

“Sen. Linda Lopez offered an amendment during the Senate’s Committee of the Whole to exclude universities and community colleges from SB 1168.

“To those of you who vote for this bill without my amendment to exclude community college campuses, please know that you will not be able to claim that you did not know that this bill allows guns on university and college campuses,” said Lopez. “This bill is a back door way to allow guns on university and college campuses. Neither the universities or community colleges want guns on their campuses.”

The amendment was not adopted. According to Sen. Lopez, the bill as it stands now will allow guns on university and college campuses. It still needs a “Third Read” vote to pass the Senate and move to the House.”

Nope. State law reserves to the governing bodies of colleges and universitites the right to determine if firearms are allowed. He acknowledged this right above this paragraph:

“It would not, by itself, kill regulations universities and community colleges now have keeping weapons off their campuses because a separate law specifically gives the governing boards of these institutions the power to regulate conduct on campus.”

Not to mention that nowhere in the bill does it reference allowing firearms on college campuses.

Let us round out this session of resasoned discourse:

“OK, I’ll just say it — Russell Pearce is insane. Certifiable batshit crazy f#?ing insane. I can only assume the residents of Mesa who continue to elect this dangerous demagogue to office are equally deranged.”

That’d be me, folks – I voted for Pearce and will keep doing so. And I’ll contact every member of the legislature to try and get this passed, because I approve of it.


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