I Can Still Be Surprised

By people acting politely, I guess. 

So I’m sitting outside at Starbucks,  enjoying my coffee.  And I smell some sort of flavored tobacco product.
Now, I get that outside is a designated smoking area – I’m not trying to look around abs see where is coming from so I can hassle the person. I just want to know so I can decide if it’s close enough to me that I should move because I am finding the smell very unpleasant.

Turns out it is the well-dressed young man at the table next to me. He clearly noticed what I was doing and took it on himself to get up and go back to his truck.  Mind you, I didn’t say anything to him or even grumble bad-temperedly under my breath (about this *g*). He just noticed and moved on his own.

Evidently thoughtfulness hasn’t completely deserted the human race.  Who knew?


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