No, not in a garden. Sheesh.

Fine – deselection as a facet of collection development. Not everyone realizes that librarians are perfectly happy getting rid of books if A: there is a more current version available, B: the information in it is just so outdated as to not be useful or reliable, C: it hasn’t circulated in a very long time (and there’s other titles in the call number since you have to account for in-library use), and/or D: <insert reason that you feel is valid but that you can also justify to any combination of:  your library director, other librarians, administration, faculty, staff, students, community users , random people on the street, cats, dogs, and birds – not necessarily in that order>

So, I’m at the library trying to weed the reference collection. And I keep running into this problem – I’d dump print resources if there is a good online version in  a heartbeat. A good example is the Statistical Abstract of the United States. It’s available online from the Census Bureau, it is much more usable than it was even a few years ago, and *all* the data is there; slice-able, dice-able, easy to manipulate.

And then I remember that not everyone is comfortable with technology, especially web-based searching a web-based database searching, the way I am (which is unfortunate but true). And that we receive a print Statistical Abstract from the GPO every time it comes out at a relatively low cost, and there will be that person who doesn’t want to deal with the website, or just wants to see it in print, or whatever, so I should just leave it alone.

And yet it takes up a whole shelf of a 5 tier unit. Real estate…having it available in print…real estate…

When in doubt leave it alone. I guess *sigh*.


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