Stray Cat 2

So he has no microchip so no way to find his owner. He does, unfortunately, have FIV. Our vet looked him over pretty thoroughly and determined that he has been in a number of fights during his adult life based on scar tissue and some obvious old injuries, which is almost certainly how he became infected. Not surprising for an unneutered adult male – I’ve never known one of them that DIDN’T fight with everything that crossed its path.

This is unfortunate, however, because it means we can’t keep him. We have 2 cats already who are not infected, and our household isn’t a great environment to try and introduce an adult male cat with a history of fighting and just hope he doesn’t bite one of them (or tear one of the dogs’ corneas, though we have no idea how he is with dogs). We really just cant take that chance. We also can’t let him just remain an outdoor cat – FIV positive cats really need to be indoors for their own health and we can’t risk him biting our wild child or one of the other neighborhood cats.

So I’m scrambling to try and find a place for him and it’s not going smoothly.  I’m best described as crankier than usual.


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