“Uh, you better rethink that one boy.”

I had been going to stay out of this (as I do all of Caleb’s…controversial?….mildly outside the mainstream?….just plain flaky?…posts; you might get the sense that I often don’t agree with Caleb, and you might be right – thank goodness we live in a country where I don’t have to listen to opinions which directly contradict my experiences *g*) , but Herschel kind of nailed it in response to Uncle.

Edit: no point in fisking item by item, let’s just leave it at I disagree. And completely agree with Herschel that I’m not bothering to try and pass down a beat up SA XD (not a Glock or S&W guy), but my hard-chromed or trad blued Model 28’s with the nice Ahrens grips and spiffy Galco holsters? Legacy.

YMMV, and good on you if you like something different.


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