I am, in no particular order, a librarian* data geek,  a gun enthusiast, a sometimes martial arts practitioner, a dog lover, a motorcycle rider, a technophile, a misanthrope, and grumpy most of the time.

Most importantly I am the husband of Protoscholar, without whom I am borderline functional at best. We live in Arizona with our 2 Rottweilers* 2 wonderful dogs, a Rottweiler and a German Sheperd mix  2 or 3 dogs at any given time**,  2 cats and a few good friends.

Questions? You can reach me here.

* – as of March I will be a data analysis person for A Major Public University. Librarianship is great but in our local CC district faculty librarians are more faculty than librarian and the hiring process is bizarre on a good day, so I’m going someplace where I can actually contribute to the running of an institute of higher education in a meaningful fashion. It doesn’t hurt that it’s the same one my lovely wife is at either ;-).

** – We lost Hannah back in June but in order to make sure Zoe wasn’t lonely (and me too, I suppose) we got a rescue puppy who has turned out to be just adorable and lovey.  UPDATE: We lost Zoe last summer after a long fight with an autoimmune disorder. It bothers m to have to do these updates, so I’ll just leave it at we have 2 or 3 dogs at any given time.

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