I Normally Don’t Care

for someone else’s analysis of a television show. I don’t watch The Talking Dead specifically because I have zero interest in hearing what those twits have to say about a show I JUST FREAKIN’ WATCHED.

But io9 does at times have something entertaining to say about The Walking Dead, and this week was one of them.

Of course, Lizzie, the more psychotic member of the Carol Corps, sees a pretty simple solution to this problem…. Lizzie just puts her hand over Judith’s mouth and nose… Lizzie’s just having a great time smothering this baby….Lizzie’s last name is Borden, apparently!

Carol saved them! It’s definitely a Carol ex Machina…

I thought it was entirely plausible that Walking Dead would kill Glenn off-screen, turn him into a Walker, and force Maggie to stab him in the head as an almost involuntary reaction to him lunging at her. That sounded just brutal and awful enough to be right up Walking Dead‘s alley….But for that insanely long take of Maggie where she’s crying after the stabbing, I expected to the camera to cut to zombie-Glenn with a knife in his head at any second.

And no one needlessly risked his or her life in order to eat a million pounds of canned pudding!

Funny stuff. “Carol ex machina” – I’m stealing that.


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