New Acquitision

I’ve been looking for a small fixed blade knife that I can toss in a pocket regularly. I have a bunch of excellent folders  – mostly the older double guard version of the CRKT  Hammond Desert Cruiser:














but everybody knows the weak points on a folder and I like something that can be a hammer, axe, pry bar and knife. So after delving into the world of knife geekery (and let me tell you it is that in spades) I went with a tried and true company and a design I’m kinda pleased with.

K-Bar Becker B14

Skeleton handle but they sell Zytel *blech* scales and I can always wrap it in paracord. There are aftermarket micarta scales, but they actually cost more than the knife and one of my criteria is “What do I do if some uninformed/overly officious bully prick cop/security guard/TSA m*&^%%&*&%*&% takes it away from me or (more likely) I lose it?”

The price on this is right, I like Ethan Becker’s robust designs and K-Bar has ALWAYS made a quality product and is local to my hometown. It’s a Becker Necker blade on a longer ESEE Izusa handle; win-win.

Sure, a Bark River Bravo-1 would be nice and a Busse LBTG would probably make me wet myself but the world is real and I have my parameters, which are also real. Besides, this is a toss-in-a-pocket knife – I’ve had to cut or chop or pry lots of things but I’ve never had to stab a zombie through their skull. And I have a Becker BK2 for that 😉




3 responses to “New Acquitision

  • GomeznSA

    Glad ya got something useful but I do cringe (a bit 😉 when someone intends to use a knife for another tool (hammer, axe, prybar). Yeah, sometimes ya gotta do what ya gotta do but it is mo’ bettah to use the proper tool, I know, it’s a pita to have them all available all the time. Good luck!
    PS, I’d go with the paracord for wrap/grip, but that’s just me.

  • Jon

    Always better to use the proper tool, sure, but I don’t keep a full toolbox in my vehicles and sometimes necessity and all that.

    I’m going to try a paracord wrap first, never done one before so it should be a learning experience.

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