I’m a fan. Not in the “must have freshly ground beans (ground to the right consistency, mind you) that were roasted yesterday and brewed in a Japanese pour over rig/Chemex?Aeropress with water at just the right temperature and steeped just *so* long” type (I’m looking at you, Cartel). But I’m a fan. I have 2 different types of french press and an old Krups Moka 468-42 low-pressure steam coffee maker on my counter, so I take it a little seriously.

But I do believe that if you can’t enjoy any coffee, from the best fussy crap I mentioned above to the finest camp coffee made with waaayyyyy hot boiling water in whatever vessel you can find over an open fire with grounds poured straight into it and then left for half an hour, then you aren’t really a fan. Coffee snobs are wasting my time – it’s COFFEE, FFS.

That being said – how is it that the Pike Place roast drip coffee I get at every Starbucks (there I said it – I frequent Starbucks; I like consistency) is more bitter and less flavorful than the presumably same coffee I get made at the little food service cafe right next to my library on campus? Sure, the equipment is different and the beans at the Starbucks store are probably fresherandgroundthatdayandroastedthatweekandohtheendlesssnobberypleasejustshootmenowImayaswellarguewithteaafficiandos…but shouldn’t that make it *better*, not worse?

Ah well. It’s all coffee, which means it’s all good.

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