Gun Show

So, went to the SAR show in Phoenix on Saturday. It was fairly crowded, I’ve seen it worse during the great Obama Panics but it was plenty busy enough. Tons of black rifles and parts, lots of miscellaneous rifles, shotguns and pistols to be found.

I saw an entire case full of of S&@ M1917’s in quite fine condition from what I could see through the glass (I didn’t look closer since they had no prices listed, and as we all know if it doesn’t say hat it costs you probably can’t afford it *g*). 

the few things I was actively looking for – Ruger 10/22’s were mostly overpriced, no way I would pay $300+ for one unless it was tricked out somehow. Remington Nylon 66’s – same thing, didn’t see one for under $300 and the black-stocked ones were marked higher (no green stocks, which I’d pay extra for *g*). Is that reasonable for those? I thought they were relatively inexpensive. No Nylon 66 spare mags that I saw but that’s a know bottleneck for that model.

.22LR ammo – WTF? I hoped we had gotten over the panic pricing, guess I was wrong. Other ammo – Mi Wall had lines set up to even get to their counter and nobody else had bulk ammo that I saw, didn’t really look at he remanufacturers as I made sure a year ago to have sufficient stocks of everything to get by but I’m guessing they are probably still overpriced as well.

Generally a decent show, I didn’t do all that thorough a job of scouring it since my knee is still acting up. Good fun was had.


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