“… so we always tell people to comply…”

Um…F&%$ that.

Robbery suspect shot and killed by Dollar General Store manager; family speaks out

Choose to violate the social compact we all agree to live under, specifically by taking what doesn’t belong to you by threatening another person with a deadly weapon? Don’t be surprised if you wind up cooling to room temperature while no longer pumping blood.

Armed robber’s grandmother; “”I felt like he shouldn’t have done it. He should have left everything up to the police,” said Robinson.”

No. I won’t get into the stories of armed robbers who get what they want and then shoot their victims anyway; everyone reading this is familiar with numerous stories of that ilk. Always remember – when seconds count, the police haven’t even been notified yet and can do *nothing* for you.

“”It’s certainly not worth losing your life over $20, $30, $100 or so, so we always tell people to comply,” said Knoxville Police Department Spokesperson Darrell Debusk.”

See my 2 points above.



3 responses to ““… so we always tell people to comply…”

  • KA9VSZ

    And the (poorly edited) article refers to the robber as a victim. Gah.

  • Jon

    Don’t they always? “‘X’ wasn’t the best child in the world. He did sell drugs, but he wasn’t a gun-totin’ gangbanger, he didn’t deserve to die.” is pretty standard.

  • Paul

    When it comes to my safety, I’ve never thought it reasonable to rely on the discretion, restraint, and good judgement of someone who thinks it’s OK to commit armed robbery.

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