It’s True – You Can Write An Article About Anything

For once this isn’t a rant about scholarly publishing and the fact that you can get published on any subject, such as:

Author, N.E. (2013). So I came in to work today and opened my office door – A longitudinal study of early-morning academic library work habits focusing on first-five-minute

behaviors. Journal of WastingMyTimeButItsPublishOrPerish Research (100)100, 100-575. doi: 10.blah.blahblah.blah

Yes, that’s a correctly APA-formatted citation to a made-up but not implausible article.

Instead it’s about a recent tech article regarding cell phone form factors from Engadget: “The brutal, exaggerated death of the form factor phone“.

While entertaining enough (“* 2011 — Grizzled old men gathered round the fire to lament the death of consumer choice. Their whispers were occasionally interrupted by the calls of increasingly rare animals like the Xperia Play and HTC Surround. * 2012 — The grizzled old men died.”) and containing some interesting information, the conclusion left something to be desired (“Either the slab will persist, like the technological equivalent of the crocodile, so perfectly adapted to its environment that it barely needs to change. Or things will go the opposite way: the technical expertise that has built up during the ultra-competitive era of the slab will lead to an explosion of new species.”).

Is it just me or does that parse as “Either things will stay the same, or they will change – we just don’t know which”? I think I may have been able to figure that much out on my own *g*.

Oh, and the only thing more entertaining than a comments thread on Engadget or Gizmodo is a comments thread on ANY gun control article. Greatest microcosms of the human race you will find.

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