Gun Show Yesterday

was very clearly in full-blown panic buying mode. Evidently there were hour-long lines to get in when it opened. Everything I saw for sale that anyone might think would be banned in the future was massively overpriced; Ar/AK mags for $30-50 each, PMags for $75, Ar-15’s and AK’s for $1500-$2000. 7.62×51 was nowhere to be seen and 5.56×45 was $1 per round. A RRA stripped lower was sitting on a table marked $450.

If you absolutely had to have it (whatever “it” might be) you could probably find it, but at those prices do you really need it?


On the plus side, I did see the Mossberg MVP Predator for the first time. Nice looking rifle: chambered in .223, takes standard AR mags. A fellow over on ARFcom did a thorough review of his (in .204 Ruger but I expect the hardware quality to be similar) and had nothing bad to say about it. I might need to start squirreling away for one of those. Not that there are any in stock anywhere ATM, but they’ll resurface at some point.




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