We Are Owned By A Murder Cat

I know, the title doesn’t make much sense. But a recent post on The Oatmeal provides some lovely infographic data on the fact that roughly 28 million domestic housecats are murder cats – they go outside and kill prey even though they have no need to, being well-fed and all that.

It just so happens that we are owned by such a murder cat. A little adorable ball of fluff named Georgie, who weighs all of about 4 pounds. And has brought down pigeons in flight, caught hummingbirds out of the air, and brings geckos into the house so she can chase them around for 2 or 3 minutes and then leaves them to die. One time I caught her bringing in a live dragonfly.

I say “we are owned” because she will burst through the dog door and loudly announce her glorious imperial presence, at which point one of us either begins to lavish her with petting or gets up to feed her. If one of these fails to happens she just gets louder and more demanding until the situation is rectified.









Murderous cat sleeping next to chubby companion. She looks harmless, right? Not a chance…


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