Stupid Is

…well, I was going to say “as stupid does” but in this case it turns out stupid is just stupid.

‘Mass shootings’ cited as reason for Flemington to buy assault rifles

In Flemington, NJ – a state that never met a gun control law it didn’t like. So, what are they buying? Here’s a hint – it’s not ‘assault rifles’.






That’s right; it’s the H&K UMP40 submachine gun. Something *I* trust the average beat cop with, sure you betcha…

As Tam puts it “I can hardly wait to see some half-trained Joisey Barney Fife cutting loose with a UMP-40 set to “group therapy” in a room packed with small-town politicians. It’ll make the recent NYPD Fifth Avenue Fiasco look like a Saturday night sorority squirt gun fight.”

“Councilman Phil Velella said ‘A lot of these criminals who carry out this type of activity have this type of weapons, and if we don’t get them for our police officers, they will be at a disadvantage. We’re just bringing you up to par…’”

No. No, they don’t.



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