You Did Exactly The Wrong Thing

And I’d not let it go so easily, I bet.

As Isaac Pollak, an ardent Republican, kissed his wife goodbye before heading out on a business trip to Asia several years ago, he handed her his absentee ballot for the coming presidential election and asked her to mail it.

Bonnie Pollak, a Democrat, weighed her options. Should she be loyal to her spouse, respect his legal right and mail the ballot? Or remain faithful to her deeply held beliefs and suppress his vote?

“It was a real dilemma,” says Ms. Pollak, 58 years old, a student in a doctoral program in social welfare who lives in Manhattan. “I decided to do the right thing.”

Ms. Pollak says she didn’t tell her husband about the discarded ballot for years and doesn’t remember how he found out. But when he eventually discovered her betrayal, he wasn’t amused.

“I was speechless. I had never missed a vote,” says Mr. Pollak, 61, who owns a marketing company in Manhattan.

He says it took him at least a year to stop being irritated, and to this day he doesn’t trust his wife of 35 years with his correspondence. “Isn’t it illegal to throw away mail?” he still asks her.

Not the best plan for a happy marriage, I’m thinking. It’s probably not *all* that out of character for a doctoral student in a social welfare program, though 😉

H/T to Glenn Reynolds, who always comes across the most interesting things.


4 responses to “You Did Exactly The Wrong Thing

  • Rebecca

    Whereas I just assume we will be canceling each other out each election and let you vote however you want. Lies never help a marriage…

  • TinCan Assassin

    You know, I might not like the Democrat Platform, but I don’t stop them from voting. They however, try to stop us all the time. Remember the Black Panthers? And the “Military Ballot Box” dumpster in the 2000 election? Next they’ll just declare only Democrat votes valid and throw out everyone else’s (or shoot dissenting voters) and declare their candidate won with 100% of the vote!

    • Jon

      Where have I heard that before? Oh, yeah – Putin’s last election…

    • GomeznSA

      Nah – they will more likely claim a 70% ‘landslide’ – because NOBODY will believe even 90% (much less 100%) – sorta like the claim that percentage of ‘gun crime’ in Mexico comes from US guns…………….

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