Dogs Good, People Meh.

Wife and I went and worked an adoption event for the no-kill shelter we volunteer at today at a local children’s museum (awesome place BTW, and I had no idea it was even there). Spent 4-5 hours hanging out and playing with dogs – 2 puppies, one younger male and 2 chihuahua mixes.

All of them were quite well behaved, well, except for one pup who insisted that rambunctious and obnoxious=good! But she tuckered out eventually. Plus 2 kittens, both of whom got taken home by the same person which was nice.

All in all not a bad way to spend a Saturday. Except for all the talking to people. Way too much talking to people. It’s part of the job and I do it because it’s for the dogs, but by the time I get home I’m more way done with people than usual. It’s fun watching the kids with the dogs though.


2 responses to “Dogs Good, People Meh.

  • Robert Hewes

    I’ve never read the phrases “well behaved” and “chihuahua mixes” in the same post before. I assume they were drugged or something? My chihuahua mix is the tyrant of the house, constantly harassing our other dogs (who outweigh him 5-6x).

    • Jon

      Nope, perfectly well-behaved. It was interesting, shelter dogs often don’t have good manners but all of these ones with the exception of a 2 /12 month old puppy were very good.

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