Good For Him

14-year-old boy shoots Phoenix burglar

PHOENIX (CBS5) – Police have confirmed a 14-year-old boy was the shooter in what is believed to be an act of self defense during a home invasion in Phoenix. The shooting happened at a home on West Minton near 51st Avenue and Baseline Road. Police said the 14-year-old and three younger siblings were home alone when a man tried to break down the door. That’s when the boy grabbed a gun and shot the man.

Kick in my front door and you get what you asked for. Good on this young man for having the presence of mind to defend his brothers and sisters. Evidently there was a woman who knocked on the door; the children ignored it since they didn’t recognize her and weren’t expecting anyone. He heard pounding on the door again, so he went upstairs and grabbed a gun. As he came down the door was broken in and the man came in and pointed a gun at the kids. Teenager reacts correctly, man is in critical condition, woman flees scene.


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