Higher Education Administration Suck, Part I’ve-Lost-Count

Now working in higher ed I have an appreciation for the complexities of running a college. It ain’t simple and most administrative types work hard (but not too hard *g*) and try to do their jobs well. Sure, there’s the occasional horror story but mostly people do their thing and stuff works.

But not always.

I was working on a graduate certificate. Had to stop taking classes for a while, and since I skipped filing a piece of paperwork  had to be readmitted to the Graduate College. No worries, I did that. Didn’t take the last class that semester, so I decided to finish up this summer. Easy peasy, right?

Wrong. I tried to register for the class. Was told I had to reapply to the Grad College. Did that, got admitted. Was told that in order to register I had to electronically formally accept my admittance – except I couldn’t do that because my status hadn’t been changed to admitted even though I had received acknowledgement of being admitted. Called Grad College who told me I also had to be readmitted to the departmental program (odd how the program director whom I’d been corresponding with this whole time didn’t mention this, but faculty are busy and often bad at this sort of administrivia). Emailed program, got readmitted, was told to give the Grad College a few days to update my status. Checked in every day for a few days – nothing. Called Grad College, had them look and oh gosh! Since I’m a re-admit there’s extra steps, and nobody told them I was a re-admit (despite it being in my record) so they hadn’t taken those steps and would pull my file and prioritize it.

3 weeks of this. For one class, so I can finish this program (and move on to the next one – ya M.Ed!). Bloody hell. And it’s not just me,  my project partner had to actually pull the emotional crying yelling breakdown move in order to get them to finalize her admittance.


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