It’s Called Research

and I know I shouldn’t expect television production assistants or writers to do it, especially with regards to guns (I’m looking at you, Falling Skies – where did Ben get an H&K G36C? Especially in Massachusetts).

But this is the height of silliness from Law and Order SVU: Lead:  “Found any spent rounds?”CSI Tech:  “Not yet, but I did find these .44 casings.”

Think about it.

H/T to Chris.


5 responses to “It’s Called Research

  • TinCan Assassin

    So the perp ejected his REVOLVER on a crime scene?

    Why does stupid only hurt me? You can hear the sound of palm meeting face and head meeting desk there, can’t you?

  • TinCan Assassin

    Not to mention the very definition of spent round is finding the casing…. Unless you go mining berms on a regular basis for lead…

    Lemme guess, it was a Glock chambered in .44 Spagnum…. Since they couldn’t figure out which one was eviler.

  • Tam

    “Excellent! So we know that either the killer was mentally handicapped, or he used a Deagle. Johnson, go check the gun stores. Williams, ask the Special People Halfway House if they’re missing anybody.”

    • Jon

      Just for the sake of realism I’m going to go with “Killer dropped a .44 shell casing to throw us off the scent while having strangled the victim and staged it to look like a shooting. Because handguns are illegal in NYC so clearly one couldn’t have been used.” Man, I don’t miss New York much at all.

  • DonM

    And if its a .44, then its probably a Special. If it were a magnum he would read that on the casing and sing it out in our sadly magnumized culture.

    Nazi Germany had a special law wherein murders using rounds of greater diameter than 11 mm were to be investigated by a special unit of the GeStaPo, as being a particularly heinous weapon. that unit was equipped with .44 Special revolvers.

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