Lack Of Academic Rigor In The Humanities?

Inconceivable! (though maybe that word does not mean what I think it means)

When Glenn is right, he’s right:

 Very few people complete a math or engineering major without learning a lot of math and engineering, but it’s entirely possible to major in the humanities and never learn to read, write, or reason with any rigor. The problem isn’t inherent to the subject matter, it’s a symptom of professorial self-indulgence and laziness, together with the lack of external scrutiny, a problem that is much, much worse in humanities than in STEM.

If, as Clayton illustrates, History 101 students at the baccalaureate level can’t correctly identify Newton’s Second Law of Motion then we’ve fallen on hard times, educationally. While I’m a huge utilitarian with regards to the purposes of primary and secondary education, students who intend to move on to higher education should have an exposure to a broader cross-section of knowledge since without it they will lack context for much of what they are certain to be exposed.

Or something like that.


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