Not Even Worth Asking

“Given that the teens were not armed, was this an appropriate use of deadly force?”


Boys Attack Cyclist Who Fights Back, Kills 1

A 65-year-old man riding his bicycle along a Berks County trail became the target of three teenage boys looking to allegedly mug him Wednesday morning, according to authorities.

In a matter of moments the teens became the target of the cyclist, according to Cumru Township Police.

The three teens had cut school and were set on robbing people — having already attacked two elderly men — when they came upon the 65-year-old riding on the Thun Trail, according to Berks County District Attorney John T. Adams.

The cyclist was near the Bertolet Fishing Dock at S First Avenue and Chestnut Street in West Reading, Pa. around 11 a.m. when one of the teens knocked the man down, police said.

Adams picks it up from here:

“One of the juveniles punched the bike rider in the face, knocking him off his bike. Julius Johnson ran up to bike rider and kicked him.”

That was when the 65-year-old pulled a gun and shot, officials said.

Good for him. End of story.


2 responses to “Not Even Worth Asking

  • TinCan Assassin

    And in answer to yon bleeding heart you linked to: “Would it have turned out differently if he had just handed over his wallet?” Yes, they would have been emboldened to try this on other victims, and that 65 yr old law abiding citizen would be hospitalized and unable to pay for his food and medicine. Darwinism at it’s best.

  • Jon

    It looks like they had already victimized 2 other older individuals, so clearly their predilection was for pursuing those (seemingly) too old to defend themselves. Surprise!

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