Just So You Know

“I wanted this book and you don’t have it, so could you find me something with information on this subject?”


“I lost my assigned readings book and my final is 40 questions based on 2 chapters from it, and I want you to find something that will let me answer all of these questions (which are based very strictly on the text of the assigned book and would require critical thinking and reading skills to infer from other sources) so I can complete it.

Oh,  and it’s due today.”


One response to “Just So You Know

  • LeeAnn

    I was once cussed out by a teenager who was appalled we didn’t have a Cliff Notes version of his assigned reading.
    “What am I supposed to do NOW?!” he yelled at me.
    “I dunno.” I said. “Maybe read the book like you were assigned?”
    Then I was called a lot of choice names, and to top it off, his mother called the store to complain about me.
    But it had a happy ending: his teacher, who regularly orders multiple copies of whatever the assigned work is, came in the next day and I shared my fun story with her. She said she had, at the beginning of the year, told all her students that Cliff Notes were verboten.
    So…. fun all around.

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