I Like This State

For those who don’t know, I’m a librarian. Yesterday I was teaching a research class, mentioned that gun control is too broad of a topic for an English Composition 100 paper. The 6 kids from the same class in the front row (I should really call them students, not kids, but they’re *so* young) mention that one of their classmates just did a presentation on just gun control, nothing more specific, and it took about 3 minutes.

I ask them if that seemed like a good topic or if they would have wanted to narrow it down. Rather than answering me they went off on a discussion about guns, who owns/has shot what, where you can and can’t carry, that anyone who can legally own a gun should be able to carry wherever they want – basically a 3-4 minute “we like guns” free-for-all (which I sadly had to cut short so we could get back to work).

Tonight, I’m adjuncting at Other College, working the reference desk, and my student worker asks about how to do a citation from the AZ Department of Public Safety Concealed Weapons & Permits Office website. She’s writing a pro-carry argumentative paper for an English class.

I like it here.


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